I Made a Battery!

Today began bright and early at 7:50am sharp. Our group loaded onto the bus to take another trip to the Wanxiang Precision Industry to take a look at how they manufacture Lithium Ion Phosphate cell battery systems. I was very happy to be in a lab again, it’s been a couple months. When we were being introduced to the production of the coin cell, they asked if any students would like to try making one on their own. I instantly volunteered as I was excited to do some lab work and learn something new. The assembling process took place inside of a glass box with gloves attached to it (called a glove box). After slipping my arms into the gloves, I was able to assemble the coin cell battery inside. It was a little confusing as I was the first one to go, but it felt natural touching a pipette again. We were able to keep the coin cells we made, I can’t wait to test it out once I get home and see if it works. Later in the afternoon we toured more of the electrode workshop and the entire manufacturing process. It was very interesting and I felt I learned a lot today. We were running a little behind schedule so the day felt extra-long and I’m excited to relax in my room. We only have a couple more days left here at the Wanxiang campus and then we head to Shanghai!

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