Perched outside the hotel this morning, I felt my first cool breeze of wind during the entire trip. For those not in Hangzhou, you have no idea how refreshing it felt for me to have a tingling gust circulate between my arm hairs and face. The heat island effect has baked me daily. The humidity has made me sticky. But today I relished in the moment. I closed my eyes and let the wind serenade my body and senses. For a moment, I thought I heard the chirping of chickadees. Maybe they’re beckoning for my return? The breeze dulls down, I open my eyes and it’s nothing but the sound of a city. Car horns. Construction. People. Needless to say, I think I might be homesick. Today we leave for Shanghai. Sunday we leave for home. I hope the songs of black-capped birds greet me upon my return stateside. Chicka-dee-dee-dee.

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