Our Last Day

Our last full day in Shanghai was amazing and I feel so lucky to have had this experience. We toured around the city and were able to take an elevator up to the second round ball of the Pearl tower. The view was unbelievable and there was an even an entire floor made out of glass so that we could see the ground beneath us. Kind of like the sky deck in the Sears Tower in Chicago except much bigger and better. We traveled up 263 meters of the 467 meter high structure. Following that were a couple tours around the area and of course shopping. I luckily did all my shopping earlier that week so I was able to just relax and sight-see. The area was beautiful but very crowded. Shanghai is a lot more populous that Hangzhou. The city has around 25 million people living there! We ended our day with an acrobat show that was exciting to see. My favorite part of the entire performances was the end where eight motorcyclists rode inside of a large metal ball. It was exhilarating and dangerous. The long day was tiring so I went to bed soon after arriving back at the hotel. This morning we woke up, packed our things into the bus and headed for the airport. As I type this now, I am sitting at our terminal waiting to board the plane. I’ll miss you China but I sure am excited to be back home again.

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