Alex’s Birthday

Back in Hangzhou we were able to celebrate the birthday of one of the Wanxiang student ambassadors who I had grown close with, whose English name is Alex! Alex is the youngest ambassador, yet is also the tallest. He loves basketball and enjoys watching American basketball in his free time. According to Alex, American basketball is better because “they can actually dunk!” In any case, we gathered a mixed group of U of I students and Chinese ambassadors to celebrate Alex’s 20th birthday. I was surprised to see that two cakes were prepared for the occasion instead of just the one cake like I would expect to see in America. I didn’t question it, but internally I was curious. My best guess was that it might have something to do with the fact that he was turning 20, like giving him one cake for each decade or something to that effect. Imagine my surprise when just moments later, the smaller cake was launched into Alex’s face by one of the Chinese students! Quite suddenly, the mystery of the second cake was solved.

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