Recent Career Immersions to IDHS and iSPI – Where Should We Go Next?

The Career Immersion program continues to thrive bringing together UIS students with employer partners. Students have the opportunity to see a workplace in person, learn about potential career paths, and network. Organizations are able to showcase their unique workspaces, shed light on their organizational culture, and make connections with emerging talent.

The most recent Career Immersion trips included visiting the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) in March of 2017 and visiting Innovate Springfield (iSPI) in October of 2017. Ten students took part in the visit to the Illinois Department of Human Services where they were able to hear from senior leaders in the organization including the IDHS Secretary, Chief of Staff, Assistant Secretary, General Counsel, Director of the IDHS Office of Innovation, Strategy, and Performance and Personnel Manager among others. Key takeaways for participating students included learning more about internship and job opportunities, gaining an understanding of the importance of demonstrating enthusiasm during the interview process, and obtaining insight into how their education experience might connect with different potential career paths at IDHS.

During the visit to Innovate Springfield, students were able to gain insight into the start-up culture and see an exciting business incubator in action. Participating students were able to hear from entrepreneurs with a variety of ventures including organizations involved with software application development, catering/event planning, and e-commerce. The visit involved time for Q&A where students could gain insight and advice from the entrepreneurs utilizing the Innovate Springfield space and resources. Additionally, students were able to learn more about the scope of Innovate Springfield’s business incubation and social innovation programs from the “small but mighty” team of iSPI professional staff including the Executive Director, Community Manager, and the Social Innovation Program Coordinator. A student who participated shared in feedback about the Career Immersion that they had: “Absolutely loved it…waiting for another one!”

If you are a current student with a suggestion for an organization you would like to be invited to host a future Career Immersion let us know via email at If you are an employer who would like to discuss the prospect of hosting a group of UIS students for a Career Immersion event, we would love to hear from you as well!

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