Import the Canvas Commons home page option into your course. Use the notes below to help you customize the home page.

Important Notes:

  • Be sure to edit the content on the home page, add your photo, and edit your information on the Instructor Information page, if you choose to use it.  
  • Update ALL the home page links to the modules in your course. Edit the home page, highlight the module link and/or click on the linked image, click on the Links button > Choose Course Links > Modules > click on the module. the new link to your module. Save the page.
  • If you delete the links and insert them again, the button styling will be deleted. Each <a> will need a class style (class=”btn”) added to it again. The link should look be added is below. Canvas will insert all of the link, except the class.
<a class="btn" title="Module 13" href="$CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE$/modules/g058d530cfac3258f9d32f8618205435e" data-api-endpoint="" data-api-returntype="Module">Module 13</a>
  • To set a page as the “Front Page” of your course, go to the Page, click on the kebab menu for your selected home page option, and then choose “Use as Front page.” Next, go to the Home link in your course menu, click on the “Choose Home Page” button, and choose “Pages as Front Page.” Be sure to click “Save.”
  • You may delete the page and image(s) that you do not need for your course. 
  • The images on Home Page Option 2 may not appear properly on people using the browser Safari (version 13. 1 or later).