Kaltura integration with Canvas was recently enhanced to allow access to the “My Media” gallery outside of Canvas courses. This means that all faculty, staff, and students can now access Kaltura through Canvas, even if they are not currently enrolled in any Canvas courses.

To get started, simply click on the “Account” tab in the Canvas global navigation menu. Then, select “My Media.”

A screenshot of the Global Navigation menu, showing where to click ("Account" and "My Media")

The old link to Kaltura MediaSpace that previously existed in the “More” tab has been discontinued. The “My Media” link within existing Canvas courses remains unchanged.

For questions or tips on best practices using media clips in your courses, or to schedule a consultation with the COLRS Multimedia Specialist, please contact COLRS via email at colrs@uis.edu, phone at 217-206-7317, or book your one-on-one appointment today.