If you have created a Graded Harmonize Discussion assignment in Canvas, you must enable a due date and a milestone for student work to appear in SpeedGrader.

In the absence of due dates, Milestones, and Auto-Grading, only the students who created a post will have their work displayed in SpeedGrader. Here’s the expected behavior of SpeedGrader:

  • SpeedGrader will likely have an incomplete view (ie some students will have activity shown, some will not) if you use it before an assignment is due
  • We recommend using the Activity button within Harmonize if you want to review student work prior to the due date as that will always have a complete view
  • Harmonize is designed to only make activity viewable in SpeedGrader when we are reasonably sure the student has completed a discussion
  • We do this because as soon as we ship the activity to SpeedGrader, the assignment will drop off the student’s ToDo list in Canvas.  Our usability research showed that the ToDo list was a critical way the majority of students keep track of what they need to work on.
  • Here are the triggers in a discussion for when activity is viewable in SpeedGrader:
​Activity for Single
Student Viewable​
Activity for All
Students Viewable
No MilestonesWhen the student has submitted a postNo guarantee, only if every student submits a post
Milestones with No Due DatesWhen the student completes all milestone requirementsNo guarantee, only if every student completes all milestone requirements
Milestones with Due Dates (with or without Auto-Grading enabled)When the student completes all milestone requirementsWhen the final Milestone due date has elapsed

Harmonize Activity Screen

If prefer to not use due dates and milestones, you can still easily grade student activity by viewing the Harmonize Activity screen for your graded assignment. Simply click on the Harmonize Assignment, and then click on the Activity button to the right of your instructions.