Are you interested in teaching a condensed five-week course during the upcoming winter intersession? Since the winter intersession is more condensed than the standard semester, there are additional considerations to be made when preparing your courses for this shorter session:

  • If you use weekly modules, consider that 3-4 weeks of content during a normal semester must be taught in a single week during winter intersession.
  • Determine which assignments meet essential course objectives and outcomes, and consider revising or eliminating other assignments that could be difficult for students to complete in a condensed timeframe.
  • Time management and clear deadlines are crucial for both you and your students!
  • Group work may be more difficult to manage in a condensed timeframe, as students may not have enough time to build rapport and create quality collaborative work.
  • As the winter intersession spans many holidays, and students will likely travel during this time, consider an exclusively asynchronous format to promote student participation. Additionally, provide enough time for students to submit exams and projects.
  • Consider that various student and faculty support services may be more limited during this time, particularly around December 25 and January 1.

For more ideas about condensed course formats, please see these tips from the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at UIUC. Or to have a conversation with COLRS, contact us at 217-206-7317 or, come to open office hours, or book an appointment today.