Surveys can be a great way to ask students questions that do not necessarily have right or wrong answers. The quiz tool in Canvas allows you to set up graded or ungraded surveys and can even be set to collect anonymous responses. This provides a great way to solicit anonymous feedback from students about your course mid-semester, to get feedback about a specific assignment, or even just to get to know your students better.

Here are some important points to consider when designing and implementing surveys in your Canvas courses:

  • Surveys may only be created using the “Classic Quizzes” engine, rather than “New Quizzes.” (More information about how to select “Classic Quizzes” can be found in the instructions linked below.)
  • Use the “graded survey” option if you want it to appear in the Syllabus area, the Gradebook, the Calendar, and the To Do Lists. You may make graded surveys worth zero points.
  • Student Analysis for surveys must be downloaded as a CSV file, which can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Item Analysis is not available for surveys.

Canvas Community provides detailed instructions for creating surveys, which are almost identical to quizzes. Additionally, there are instructions on how to view survey results, which become available after at least one student has completed the survey. (Note: If you have chosen to make results anonymous, you may wish to wait until all or a majority of students have taken the survey before viewing any results.)