Relationship Project: Feeling of Escape

Bryanna Walker

Professor Jones

ENG 101

September 20, 2014

Relationship Project: Feeling of Escape

Home can be considered numerous things to people; it may be a place where someone feels comfortable or even just a place somewhere you are used to being at all times. Home as defined my Webster’s dictionary means the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered. I do agree with this definition simply because I feel my home is where I feel most safe and I’m able to get lost within myself. Home doesn’t necessarily have to be an exact location either. Home can also be more than one place.

For instance I consider home to be my bed and also the St. Claire Square shopping center. I chose these two places because of the strong feeling I get when I am in both of these places. I am able to do whatever I feel like and I’m able to be happy. When I am in either one of these places I tend to think that I am the only person around and that nothing even matters. My bed is more so home because of how relaxed I become when I am stressing over something. I am able to put all my thoughts away and be able to be free. The shopping center happens to be my home because of the feeling I get inside such as happiness and joy because I am able to be free. Both places together connect because they give me a feeling of escape from all the problems of the world.

Walking into my room I see a bed that is lined with zebra print sheets with a little bit of leopard mixed together. The pillows are red and black with one pillowcase perfectly stitched with the letter B right on the top. The bed has a huge Marilyn Monroe comforter on it and has flannel on one side and when I’m underneath I become so warm. When I lay in my bed it becomes the most comfortable place and I feel as if I am floating on air. This feeling tends to make me forget about all the issues that I go through in general. I consider my bed to be the
healer of all kinds of problems. It is something like a getaway.


I can recall one time I’d just lost a loved one and the only place I wanted to be was locked in my room, in the bed. I would come in and lay and stare at the ceiling and begin to think on every emotion I had going on. I’d been coming to terms with lots of family issues such as the abandonment I felt by my father. I can somehow relate to the feeling that Maya Angelou portrayed in her writing. “Our parents had decided to put an end to their calamitous marriage, and Father had decided to ship us home to his mother.” (Angelou, Maya. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Print.) Although my parents were not married, it still bothered me to know why my father would just walk out of his children’s lives the way he did. I wanted to know if it was something I did or what the problem really was. When I was alone in my bed all these kinds of crazy ideas ran through my mind. I would relax and put my headphones in, and before I knew it I would be sleep. I’d wake up feeling renewed and forget what I was even upset about. This is why I consider my bed to be the healer of all problems. It becomes so relaxing that you tend to get lost and forget everything that is going on in your life.

Shopping is considered to be one of my best hobbies and it gives me a sense of happiness. If I could have a penny for the many times I choose to go shopping, I would probably be a millionaire. This is why the St. Claire shopping center is one of my homes. I walk in and see so many sale signs and smell the beautiful aroma from the pretzel stand and immediately feel like I’m in heaven. There are two floors of clothes, shoes, jewelry, food, and anything I bet you can name. I really never can picture one other place I’d rather be besides the mall.

I fell in love with this mall after I discovered that it was the only mall that took an app called shop kiks. The app allows a person to get so many points after shopping at a specific place so many times, the points are then used get store discounts. This meant that I could use so many coupons to get what I wanted. This made me even happier knowing that I was able to save money, which meant more shopping. I can remember one time I went into my favorite store, Forever 21, and bought thirty pieces of clothing for fewer than fifty dollars. I instantly felt like heaven was calling my name and went home such a happier person. Shopping at this mall also gave me some feeling of relief from all the stress I was going through. Being able to lose myself in any clothing store and going to all the fitting rooms was great. Even when I got to the point where I had to many bags in my hand, I would walk to the car and come right back inside. I was able to have a sense of freedom and spend money freely because no one was there to stop me.


These two places that I’ve described will always be considered home to me. Whenever I am feeling down or have lots of stress I will always run to one of those places. I am not bothered by others or have to worry anymore. I believe that only I get this sort of feeling when being in these places. I know that most people focus in on one specific place, but they both give me the same feeling inside. I am able to be myself and escape when I am in either one of these places. So home can be considered how the place makes you feel or what you are generally used to. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific physical location. It may be an idea that you get lost in. I feel as if these two places make me feel as if I am on cloud nine and will always be dear to my heart.



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