Cover Letter: Reflective Narrative

Bryanna Walker

Professor Jones

ENG 101 A

15 Dec 2014

Cover Letter: Reflective Narrative

In my portfolio you can expect to see a range of different types of writings that we have learned to write throughout the past semester. There will be four projects that are displayed in my portfolio, the remembering, relationship, observation, and image analysis essay. In the remembering project I explained one specific event which lead me to deciding my career path towards becoming a school counselor. The relationship essay is different, I describe how a place makes me feel and the type of relationship I have with that place. The observation project was more focused on a place around the campus that I chose to take notes, and make a conclusion from the notes I had taken. The image analysis will be the last project, in this essay I chose an advertisement from a magazine to draw inferences from.

In most of the papers, I started them off with the same process which was brainstorming. This allowed me to be able to write down a lot of ideas and be able to create an outline. When I created an outline, I was then able to break down each idea into subcategories. If I came up with any more thoughts, I could piggy back to the outline and decide where that idea should be placed. This helped me a lot more than just jumping in and creating a first draft. If I were to have created the first draft, I would erase most of the work that I’d written and feel like I had to start from scratch.

The best part of the entire process with the essays was the peer reviews. These suggestions for editing my paper have really brought me a long way throughout the year. They helped me to focus in on my sentence structure, the repetitiveness, and also the relevancy of certain sentences. When you receive comments from a peer that says that you need to make a few changes, your first thought may be what they know about writing a paper. Although we are all taking the same course I believe some suggestions that were made were very professional. If it were not for their comments I wouldn’t have been the improved writer that I am today.

I believe the greatest strength I have when it comes to writing is being able to be very detailed. Throughout all of the writing assignments, my details have been able to stretch further and further. I am able to take a small idea and turn it into a bigger idea with a lot of different key points. The one thing I have improved is learning how to make my introduction pertain to my paper. In one of my papers my introduction was very general, and anyone could have used the same intro to start off their paper. I have learned to include my thesis statement into the introduction so that it brings up the purpose of why I’m writing that certain paper. I will be able to use this skill further on in my entire career and in any course throughout my college career.

Some of my papers are similar, such as the remembering project and the relationships project. They are similar because it was more so based off of my own opinion and facts. I had to tell from my perspective how a certain place made me feel, and how a certain event impacted the career path that I chose. These two papers were my personal favorite, there wasn’t a lot of research involved and I was able to just flow with ideas.

Using the research process has really improved my reading critically skill. I am now able to read through articles and pick out the main ideas and analyze the context of the articles. Before having to learn to go through the database that the library has to offer, I would do all my research through Google. I realized that using the database was so much easier and the articles were better sources because they had been peer reviewed, and could easily be cited. The English course has really helped me to build on this skill, because of the different genres we had to write about. Each paper required its own different research and I had to change the words that I used to search.

Overall, these four projects have impacted me greatly towards becoming a better writer. Since each essay had its own genre, I was able to think outside of what I was used to writing which were mainly personal narratives. I was also used to writing in the high school level papers. I have improved my formatting, and also my in text citations. This will help me to write more professional papers and be able to help others when they come up to ask for help. I would like to thank the learning hub as well as others who gave me feedback. They are a resource that many students do not take advantage of, and they will help assist you with any trouble you are having when dealing with writing a paper.