Image Analysis: Vicks Advertisement

Bryanna Walker

Professor Jones

ENG 101 A

17 Nov 2014

Vick’s Advertisement Image Analysis

Introduction and Thesis:

Sniffling, sore throat, runny nose, or feeling exhausted? There is surely a remedy that will cure all of that up and ensure you relief through the day and a good night’s sleep. I will analyze the Vicks’s Dayquil and Nyquil ad through using its elements such as text, lighting and facial expressions. When focusing on these elements it will influence consumers who can relate to the picture to want to purchase this product. This is why advertisement was created so that consumers will be able to see what benefits they will receive from using a specific product or service.

The purpose of advertisements and marketing is to provide persuasive communication to convince a party or a person to change their attitude or opinion on something (Bermejo, 2013). Advertising allows marketers to make consumers aware of their product or service, convince the customer that their product is better than anyone else’s product, draw customers to their business and influence them to go towards the next step. When advertisement is criticized, it puts down other competition, this can be known as negative advertisement (Hamilton, Stephen…, 2013). They are trying to create negative publicity so that they gain an advantage.  This means that they want the consumer to ask for more information and eventually along the line want to purchase the product, or use the service that is being offered. This is reached through providing the customer with enough information that they will have the satisfaction that no other company is able to offer.


Description of Ad:

In this ad you are quick to read the big white bold letters that state, “Moms don’t take sick days, Moms take Dayquil and Nyquil.” This automatically would make someone think that this ad is directed toward mothers. The ad is not directed to just any mother, however towards mothers who are sick and have responsibilities to take care of. In the top half of the picture the mom is multitasking and she is full of energy. The mom is talking on the phone, fixing her daughter’s clothes, and most likely getting them ready for school. It doesn’t seem as if her cold is stopping her one bit from fulfilling her duties as a mother. When you have a cold you are feeling drained and exhausted, but based off the mother’s facial expression in the first picture she is totally fine. This great feeling and relief from a cold came from her taking the Vicks Dayquil.

The bottom half of the picture shows a mother who had a long and tiring day, and she is just now being able to relax after sending the kids off to school. Her facial expression reveals a thought of relief and knowing that you are able to take a little break out of your day to give your body a little relaxation.  She has pieces of tissue in her chest which means that she has been sneezing or blowing her nose consistently. She has widened her mouth open which means she is in deep sleep and able to be free and feel comfortable. Underneath her face the ad explains the function of the medicine. The Dayquil will relieve you from coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, and a stuffy head. This will also ensure that you are able to power through your day. The Nyquil is able to relieve you from sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, and fever. This medicine is supposed to be giving you the best sleep with a cold.

The smile on the mother’s face shows how happy she is that she is able to fulfill her job. Sure a mom is supposed to care for her children, but what about those days where you feel exhausted and it doesn’t seem like you will make it through the day? You are left home alone with the children and have to make breakfast and get them ready for school. The mom in this advertisement is demonstrating a mother who is able to handle all that is being thrown at her. She is multitasking like the average mother does every morning with children who are in school. Talking on the phone, fixing lunch for the children, checking their homework and getting them dressed may seem like a lot when you are under the weather. She is getting the job done and then will decide to get some rest. She was only able to power through that morning due to taking the Vicks medicine. It says that you are able to get the best sleep and power through your day when you take them.


Advertising will try to persuade you through colors, facial expressions, stating statistics, use celebrities to make it seem as if they use the product or service just as well, and have sales promotions (Santana, Josefa…, 2013). When using facial expressions this makes the consumer feel that this product will give them the same exact outcome. This shows emotion and gives a better understanding of how someone actually felt about using the product or service. Some advertisers use statistics to criticize another company which gives their company an advantage. When you see that one company has been on top of the others for quite some years, you are most likely going to use the company that is at the top. The most common strategy of advertisers is using celebrities as the face of the advertisement (Santana, Josefa…, 2013). If a celebrity is to say that they are satisfied with their purchase, most people will automatically follow along and use the same product or service. They also focus in on the colors that are chosen in a specific advertisement. If you want the product to just stand out then they may want the entire picture to be black and white and have the object in color. This attracts an eye to come across and want to look more into that advertisement. Colorful ads also attract people because someone may feel that it looks pretty so they are already interested into what’s being offered. Sales promotions are offered so that the consumer will not feel forced to go to any other company because of the price. This includes coupons, sweepstakes, discounts and loyalty programs. This is a way of showing the customer that they are appreciated and convince them to keep coming back.

The Vicks advertisement is a great example of giving detail about the function of the product. The bottom of the picture has the results that you will receive if you are to take the medicine. This means that they are providing the consumer with information before the purchase the product to know that it will work. They are using the mother’s facial expression in the bottom of the picture to show that she is satisfied. This would make someone believe that if they were to purchase the product, they will feel the exact same way. The Vick’s advertisement also uses a quote to directly determine who the advertisement is directed towards. When the advertiser placed the word “Mom” in the image they quickly showed who this specific ad was directed towards. A mom who notices this ad will see that the mom in the picture is multitasking, and they may think that they will be able to be a super mom as well. They won’t be slowed down by any sickness and will be able to continue on with their day until they are able to relax.

The advertisement that I have chosen demonstrates how you would feel if you were to purchase their product. You were originally sick and felt as if you couldn’t get through the day. The top picture represents how you feel if you were to use the Dayquil. The Dayquil gives you power and you are able to finish off your day and get everything done and may be able to do more than one task. The bottom picture represents you getting the best sleep when you are sick. This would be the result you get if you were to take the Nyquil. This information provides mothers with enough information which should influence them to purchase their products rather than any other brand of medicine. Although this advertisement did not go against any other brand, or criticize any other brand the facial expressions were very influential.


Without advertising this would affect the marketing performance in a very negative way (Hamilton, Stephen…, 2013). The only way companies and businesses would be able to influence consumers would be through their words. Sure they would be able to do surveys and have others tell what happened when they used the product or service, but it is not the same as seeing it through an image. In image advertisements they are able to see how someone reacted to using the service or product. You are able to give more information when you are using image advertisements, and you can show the different emotion portrayed when someone used another company rather than using yours. If they wanted to use a celebrity, it is easy to believe that anyone could have said those words, but with an actual image it makes it more believable.

Advertisement all together shapes just how much of a product is going to be purchased or if a company is going to have lots of customers. Advertising allows marketers to make customers aware of their product or service, convince the customer that their product is better than anyone else’s product, draw customers to their business and influence them to go towards the next step. Offering lots of information to consumers helps to draw them in and they are able to be influenced on what decision they should make. When using images this makes them be able to see the results for themselves and they are able to decide then and there. Without image advertisements there would not be a great influence on businesses.



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