5 Ways you can…Make your computer run faster!

Saying our computers test our patience every day is probably an understatement. Maybe it’s every time we turn them on. Then every time we open the browser…or every time we check our email. If any of these situations ring a bell, then this blog is for you. Here are 5 quick things you can do to help your computer run faster!

1.       Erase Temporary Internet Files

Every time we go to a website or open a file on the internet, a temporary copy is made and kept on our hard drive-for a much longer time than you would expect for being “temporary”. These can significantly slow internet connections. On Firefox, press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL and select Clear Everything. In Safari, on the pull-down menu under Safar on the left, click Empty Cache. For Internet Explorer, under Tools, select Internet Options, and then Delete under Browsing History.

2.       Remove Unnecessary Startup Programs

How many times do yourself logging into your computer and then waiting for a program to load that you aren’t even going to use? If you have a PC, under the Start menu, click Run and type “msconfig,” and under the Startup tab, uncheck the programs that you want to disable at startup. For Mac users, under the “My Account” column, check out the “Login Items” loading with your profile, and remove the ones you don’t want loaded.

3.       Un-bloat your Computer

Bloatware is the remaining items associated with uninstalled software. It lingers around and eats up precious space, contributing to your slowed-down system. To get rid of bloatware, try these free programs: For PC users, go to tweaknow.com and for Mac users, go to macpaw.com and click free download.

4.       Disable Web History

This is a very quick and simple way to browse the web faster. In your browser, under Tools or Options, choose the option that never remembers web history, and clear your current history. Good as new!

5.       Organize your Desktop

Not only will this help speed up your computer, but it will ease your mind- who wants to be staring at tons of icons on a cluttered desktop? Delete unnecessary icons and use folders to organize those that you can’t live without.

Bonus! (Only because it’s just THAT easy!)

Empty your trash! This is one of the quickest fixes I’ve ever heard of, and it works! It doesn’t make sense to send things to the recycle bin if no one’s going to take it out, so make it a priority! Same goes for your email-weed through the thousands in your inbox (or just mass delete them) and then empty all the deleted messages from the trash. This could make a huge difference when logging in to check your mail!

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