Changing Your Password Just Got Easier!

Changing your password just got easier! ITS has implemented the ability for you to set up password recovery options. Setting up your password recovery options will allow you to recover your password on your own, whenever you want, from wherever you want, using three different recovery methods (email, text, and voice).

Although not required, we encourage you to start the process as soon as possible. It will make it easier to change your password as you near your password expiration date. You can access the new system from The process is very easy and should only take you a minute to walk through the set up process.

If you would like assistance in setting up your options, please visit ITS Client Services in the lower level of Brookens Library. We will also be having drop in help sessions in BRK 141B every day this week from 11am-1pm if you would like to walk through this process with an ITS staff member.

This implementation is part of the first phase of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) project and we are excited to be the first University of Illinois campus to roll out this functionality!

3 Responses to Changing Your Password Just Got Easier!

  1. Thank you for your share. i go to your mentioned link but cant access the new system. please help me to make it easier.

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