Where to find Quality Pictures for your Media Needs

We’ve blogged about using images the correct way in media before, but because this is a hot topic, we wanted to revisit this issue today! file4711279208151
When you are sharing information on the web whether it be via blog, wiki, published presentation, etc. it’s important to make sure you are selecting any pictures to accompany the material correctly. While using images that are in a public domain or have creative commons licenses may not always be your primary consideration in choosing the right image, it is important. To be sure you are taking the appropriate measures and following best practices, check out these resources for images:
Pixabay: Easily search for quality public domain images by keywords, and then download your selected image in the size you need!

Morgue File: Tons of images free for use for academic purposes can be found here; just make sure you carefully read the labels for each image, as some require attribution.
If you are looking for more resources or would like to learn more about the best practices for using images in media, feel free to reach out to us!

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