This 3D Printed Item will Warm your Heart!

We’ve blogged in the past about 3D printers and the great things they are currently doing, and also the great potential they have in the future! Today, we wanted to share a story with you that will not only show just another way 3D printers are making a difference, but will bring a smile to your face!

A puppy born with 2 legs recently had a 3D printed wheelchair created especially for him, and this chair will give the puppy a chance to develop properly and become more mobile!

To learn more about 3D printing, check out UIS’ very own page for more information!

3 Responses to This 3D Printed Item will Warm your Heart!

  1. wwihhh your ppost is good hehe thanks you.. i enjoyed reading 🙂

  2. Great article and very heart warming video as well. 3D printers have really made major in roads. Thanks for the great post, really enjoyed your article.

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  3. Very good and impressive video. World of 3D printers is developing very actively. I am very glad that these technologies can help the animals.