Creative Ways for Prepping for Finals

The final weeks before finals are a stressful time for just about everyone, but definitely for students! A good way to prep students while also getting them through this stressful time is to offer some reviewing tactics and strategies that are fun and beneficial in helping them study and review the content of the semester!

We found some great ideas, and while these were developed with grades K-12 in mind, so many of them can be applied to higher education! Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Student generated quizzes: Students create their own review quizzes and then share them with their peers! So everyone will be able to be quizzed on various topics and questions for a more robust review of what was covered throughout the semester…and a great perk to this is the students are reviewing the material while creating their own quiz, so it’s double study time (and less work for the teacher to be creating review questions!)
  • Game show review: These are always fun, interactive, and a great way to get all students involved! Check out our post last week sharing all the great templates in Google Docs for tons of different options!
  • Scavenger Hunt: This is a fun way to show your students the importance of taking good notes! During class, ask questions and have students search and locate the answers in their notes throughout the semester!

These are just some ideas we liked—let us know some of your favorite ideas for reviewing!

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