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Stories of students at UIS and the generous scholarship donors who support their dreams

Month: November 2015

A young man in trouble clarifies Greg Irwin’s future

Sally Pancrazio, Greg Irwin

Dr. Sally Pancrazio and Greg Irwin at the 2015 Scholarship Luncheon

The young man, hardly more than a boy, who came to the Cunningham Children’s Home was in terrible trouble.

He had been abused by his father. He’d been given too little to eat.

All this affected his behavior. With little or no cause, he got into frequent fights—often with people much older and bigger, and he paid the price in pain. He trusted no one. Continue reading

From donor to friend–how the Garrisons do it

Garrisons with Jinger Sanders

Jinger Sanders, Glen Garrison, Lola Garrison at the 2012 UIS Scholarship Luncheon

When Jinger Sanders received the first Garrison Family Scholarship back in 2012, she knew—of course—that she’d be receiving financial support.

She had no idea how much more the Garrisons would be giving her!

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A mother’s generosity inspires a memorial scholarship

Burks Oakley, II, at the Scholarship Luncheon

Burks Oakley II at the 2015 UIS Scholarship Luncheon

Dr. Burks Oakley II spoke at the 2015 UIS Scholarship Luncheon, representing donors. He has given an endowed scholarship fund to UIS in honor of his mother, Grace Brorström Oakley. These are his remarks:

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Family emergency fails to derail Dan Garcia

Dan GarciaOver the years, Dan Garcia has been a huge help to us here in the Office of Advancement. He spoke at one of our big donor appreciation events, willingly appeared on a scholarship video and posed for the above photograph which appeared at many gatherings.

One day stands out in his memory—and no wonder. For Dan it was one of those “wrenching-news-hits-you-like-a-ton-of-bricks” days.

I asked him to start his story there.  Continue reading