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Stories of students at UIS and the generous scholarship donors who support their dreams

Month: December 2015

Why Ted Mims is so important to Bill Hoffman’s success

Bill and Ruth Hoffman

Ruth and Bill Hoffman

Only $50.

The year was 1982. Bill Hoffman and his wife, Ruth, had just finished doing their books for the previous year. A drought had cut crop yields as much as 50% on their grain farm, leading to a final income for the year of only $50.

“I think it’s time for me to get a job,” Bill told his wife.

The job Bill took as an electronic technician eventually led to an upper-level management position with Microsoft Corporation. At one point, Bill would be managing over a hundred people in a four-state district.

“I never could have imagined I would end up in management,” Bill says now. Continue reading

How one UIS couple is bringing hope and a future to Myanmar

Matt and Heather WallaceFirst Matt Wallace told Heather Trammel he was serious about a future with her.

And then he really surprised her….

They were on a bus in Russia. Matt was doing an internship between his junior and senior years at UIS, and Heather, who had recently graduated, had come with other UIS students on a trip sponsored by the Christian Student Fellowship, a student organization at UIS.

Matt took a seat next to Heather and got right to the point: “We need to talk about US happening,” he said, ” and I don’t mean US as a fleeting thing.”

Heather wasn’t completely surprised. She and Matt had worked together at UIS the previous year as friends only, but she was aware that something had changed between them here in Russia.

Before she could respond, however, Matt hit her with this:

“And just so you know—I’m going to live in Myanmar after I graduate.” Continue reading

How would you respond to the news Dana McCarver received?

Dana McCarverDana McCarver ended her sophomore year exhausted.

A full load of classes and a fulltime job wore her out, and when she went home to Arkansas in the summer she looked drained.

Her sister, a nurse, took one look and said, “Dana, this isn’t normal. You need to get blood work done today.”

Preliminary results showed that Dana needed a blood transfusion. Good, she thought. A quick transfusion, and I’ll feel better.

But the next day, a kidney doctor called. Continue reading

One of the most beloved events of the year…

2015 Scholarship Luncheon

Monroe Brown sitting with Gloria Calovini and Jack Dolan (facing Monroe)

If you were to walk through the Sangamon Auditorium Lobby this past fall on Wednesday, October 28, you may have had to hold your breath to fit between the crowded tables.

That was the day of our annual Scholarship Luncheon:

  • 270+ people
  • 124 students (give or take)
  • 150 donors and special guests
  • 18 tables
  • and lots and lots of introductions, smiles, conversations, laughter, stories, and “thank you’s.”

At the Scholarship Luncheon, donors have a chance to meet the students who have received their scholarships.

Around the Office of Advancement, we call it “our most beloved event” because it is so gratifying for us to watch donors meet, face-to-face, the person who is benefitting from their gift and to see the gratitude in students’ eyes. Continue reading

Her high school lab leads Taylor Cooperider to a valuable career

Jessica Sheffield and Taylor Cooperider

Taylor Cooperider (right) with Jessica Sheffield in Microbiology Lab at UIS

A high school student walked into a lab….

Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but discovering your calling in life—the one career you know will make you happy—is no joke, and that’s what happened the day Taylor Cooperider walked into her high school Biology II lab.

Taylor had worried a little about this particular lab. The task that day was dissecting a cat, and Taylor loves cats. It didn’t sound like much fun.

But once Taylor had a chance to look at the cat’s anatomy and see how the heart and liver and everything else inside the cat worked together, she became enthralled.

In fact, it was during that lab that Taylor discovered laboratory science would become her career. Continue reading