Google Scholar’s Newest Addition—Create your Own Library!

All of our followers know how big of fans we are of Google—the easy integration, quick learning curve, and tools for every need make it just excellent! One of our favorite things to share? How to use Google’s tools in unique ways that you may never have thought of! Today, we’re sharing how to use Google Scholar to create a library—personalized for your needs!

Google Scholar now has a tool that allows users to save, organize and store articles in Google Scholar to create your own collections. Simply login to Google as normal, search for articles in Google Scholar as your normally would, and click Save when an article is found that you would like to store! You can then sort and label articles to keep your library organized so everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Google Scholar

2 Responses to Google Scholar’s Newest Addition—Create your Own Library!

  1. Use Google Scholar’s and say that a lot still needs to refine. Google needs to do better and make their products better.

  2. I think Google Scholar’s very useful for Internet users who are looking for more useful information, and could be a product that is often used for education