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Exactly how big is “The Cloud”?

There seem to be so many internet companies out there giving away storage space in the cloud for your use—Google, Dropbox, Box.com, and tons more. You have to wonder, exactly how much space is actually out there? Check out this infographic we’ve found that puts things into perspective in regards to exactly how much space is out there!

And remember, we offer many different solutions for Cloud storage for faculty, staff and students at UIS! From Box.com to Google Drive to eDocs, you are able to store your documents on the cloud and access them from wherever you may be! If you would like to learn more about these programs, check out our website, or feel free to contact us with any questions or if you’d like help to get started.

For all you Multitaskers…

Are you a master of multitasking? You may want to think again. Check out the (surprising!) facts in this infographic we found about multitasking!

The reality is, we live in a world that never stops, and sometimes multitasking is something we just simply cannot avoid. If you are someone who can’t avoid multitasking, then organizing your life on your tech devices may really help. Luckily, there are tons of ways to better organize information, and sync it across devices:

  • Use an app, like Evernote, that allows users to maintain notes (photo notes, voice, text, and more!), calendars, recordings, and other important information across their devices. Plus, it’s free!
  • Box.com, a new tool launched by UIS this summer, allows users to download and store large files in a cloud, sync them across devices, and then share them with others. This is a great tool that reduces a lot of hassle and eases communication!
  • One more piece of advice that may seem so simple is to organize your apps! One of the largest distractions is what we see, so if apps are organized into categories, then you may not be tempted to play the newest version of Angry Birds when you should be taking notes during lecture.

And finally, if multitasking is something you must do, be sure to be smart about when and where you do it! The stats on multitasking and driving, or multitasking and studying show that it really impairs our cognitive ability, so be smart about when and how you multitask!