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5 ways you can use…A Wiki!

Wikis are a prime tool for educators wanting to promote collaboration in their classroom. It is a central space that can be accessed by the entire web or only authorized users. The wiki can be edited by all users, which promotes a sense of openness and encourages sharing and learning. Wikis are a great way to achieve great discussions even with students who may be shy in the classroom. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

  1. Create a wiki to use as a study guide throughout the semester. Assign each student a different topic to cover, then everyone will be able to benefit from the wiki when studying for exams or reviewing.
  2. Have students post the highlights of their weekly notes from class to the wiki to encourage sharing and discussion with their peers.
  3. Create wikis for each group during a group project. It’s an easy way to track groups on the tasks they have completed and those that still need to be finished. Try tracking participation of each member by assigning each member a specific task. It makes them more accountable for their work within the group setting!
  4. Instead of PowerPoint, have students create a wiki to present to the class for a project and have them navigate through the different areas they’ve created.
  5. Use a wiki as a brainstorming “space” for students outside the classroom. They can share their thoughts or suggestions, and discuss different topics or ideas for projects.

Wikis are a simple, fun and effective tool to supplement your class. They are a great way to keep class material on the minds of students even when they are not physically in class. Try Wikispaces to start your wiki today!