iPods for Alzheimer’s- Consider Putting Your Old iPod to Good Use!

SIU Med School is seeking new or used iPods to benefit dementia patients!

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is in search of new or used iPods and chargers to help enrich the lives of persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

Those who live with Alzheimer’s disease may benefit from a program known as Music and Memory, which advocates for the use of personalized, digital playlists to trigger pleasant memories in dementia patients. According to researchers at Music and Memory, dementia patients who listen to their own customized playlists are happier, more engaged and attentive and less agitated and reliant on medications.

Maggie Schaver, who works at SIU’s Center for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, helped introduce Music and Memory to a local elder care facility nearly two years ago. “The Music and Memory program at Mill Creek has been very rewarding. After being introduced to their iPods, we saw people who were withdrawn talk freely about memories associated with their music; we saw inactive people get up and dance; and we saw people who were sad, even crying, look up and smile –smile a lot! The impact for residents has been so positive that Mill Creek management has expanded the program to their locations in other cities.”

Now, Schaver has established a program for SIU Memory and Aging Clinic patients and is hoping to spark interest in establishing similar programs at other central Illinois nursing homes and assisted living homes.. “Currently we are matching donated iPods with persons who have been diagnosed with a memory loss disorder, such as Alzheimer’s disease. We assist families by educating them on how to set up a personalized playlist for each person and introducing the iPod to the person with memory loss. In many cases we actually set up the iPod for them, as some people do not have access to the technology. We also work to inform area nursing homes and assisted living centers about this simple but effective approach to improving quality of life for their residents. ”

Specifically, the Center for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders is seeking:

  • iPods, new or used. (Post 2009 iPod Shuffles are best, but nearly any working iPod will do)
  • Accompanying chargers
  • Monetary gifts to assist with the purchase of headphones and/or new iPods
  • iTunes gift cards

(Note: Ear-buds are not needed.)

Please mail or deliver iPods and other donations to Maggie Schaver, SIU-SM Center for Alzheimer’s Disease, SIU Clinic’s Building , 751 N. Rutledge, Room 3500, in Springfield, 62703. For more information, contact Schaver at 217-545-7193 or by email at mschaver@siumed.edu. For more information on the benefits of personalized music for dementia, visit musicandmemory.org.

iPod Donation

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U.S. News and World Report- Best Online Programs Grad Education


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Dr. Ronda Mitchell Interview

WCIA TV (Jan. 28)

WCIA TV (Jan. 28)

UIS Assistant Professor and past President of Illinois Reading Council’s Ronda Mitchell interviewed with CI Living and highlighting some of the best books for Illinoisans by Illinois authors and illustrators, check out her interview here!

Books for Illinoisans by Illinois Authors: Sneak Preview


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Prize Giveaway!

Smaller giveaway prize

Welcome back, UIS students! In celebration of the start of Spring semester we are having another prize giveaway! Visit Facebook.com/uiscehs to enter.

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Meet Our Staff- Dr. Nancy Barrett

Dr. Nancy Barrett

Dr. Nancy Barrett

Meet Dr. Nancy Barrett, Coordinator of Assessment and Accreditation for the College of Education and Human Services at UIS. Dr. Barrett joined our team this September with an EDD in Program Evaluation and Continuing Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As Coordinator of Assessment and Accreditation, she works with department heads and faculty identifying assessment needs and helping to build a system to address those needs. She enjoys helping programs identify future needs, methods of improving what is currently occurring, and demonstrating the department’s outcomes to outside sources such as ISBE.

Dr. Barrett also is involved with CASL, a university wide program at UIS that helps diverse programs improve the way they assess student learning outcomes. She says that she has always appreciated the UIS mission which emphasizes student learning. Dr. Barrett feels a ‘great fit’ with UIS, saying “I continue to be impressed by faculty dedication and hope to contribute to their continuing success”.

We would also like to congratulate Dr. Barrett on Western Washington University Human Services Program adopting her book , Program Evaluation: A Step-by-Step Guide, for their winter class, HSP 485: Program Planning and Evaluation. Well done, Nancy!


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Department of Educational Leadership- Book Release

From left to right: Dr. Day, Dr. Bogle, Dr. Phillips

From left to right: Dr. Day, Dr. Bogle, Dr. Phillips

Congratulations to Dr. Day, Dr. Bogle, and Dr. Phillips, pictured here doing signings for their new book release!
Their new book, Exploring School District Reorganization in Illinois: Navigating Your Options, provides a glimpse of the many issues and considerations that school administrators, school boards, taxpayers, and parents confront when this topic arises in their communities. Since World War II, the number of school districts has gone from 12,000 to 855 due to school district consolidation and reorganization. The authors, Doctors Phillips, Bogle, and Day, hope that their book will provide a greater understanding of the process, complexities and history of the issues involved in school district reorganization to remove barriers and allow for open dialogue on the subject.

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Dr. Abler November EOM

Dr. Abler and Dean Mi

Dr. Abler and Dean Mi

Congratulations to Dr. William Abler, chair of the Department of Human Development Counseling, on being named November’s Employee of the Month! For the full story of Dr. Abler’s commitment and work ethic, here is the link for more details.

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TEP- On Campus Conference

On the weekend of September 19th, David Sye, Melody Eckenstahler, and Diandra Wilson, students in the Teacher Education program, attended our On Campus Conference for our online distance students who are required to attend class two weekends every semester. At this conference, attendees experimented with emerging technologies, such as 3D printing and Google Glass, to explore possibilities and evaluate potential benefits in K-12 schools.


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Department of Human Services- Child and Family Studies

In the Department of Human Services, a Child and Family Studies concentration understands that violence and stressors are issues that are pervasive in many aspects of the family. This concentration allows students to learn how to help their community and have a better understanding of family dynamics.

To read more on the ways Child and Family Studies helps communities and to further explore topics this concentration covers, please click here!

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New COPE Crop

Have you seen our new board on the 3rd floor of Brookens?

Hopefully everyone has already heard of and knows COPE, or the Council on Professional Education. If you haven’t yet, no worries! Visit our page to learn more.

You may not be aware of the endorsements you can earn at UIS and add to your Illinois Professional Educator License. Here are the options available for you to explore more!


Secondary Bio

Secondary Chem

Secondary English

Secondary History

Secondary Math

Secondary Pol. Sci.

Secondary Soc./Anth.

For more information on the endorsements listed above, you can visit the TEP website or email TEP@uis.edu . Endorsements available via graduate level coursework are:

CSBO- Chief School Business Officer

ESL- English as a Second Language

LBS1- Learning Behavior Specialist (Spec. Ed.)

Supt.- Superintendent

For more information on CSBO and Supt., you can visit the EDL website or email EDL@uis.edu . For more information on ESL and LBS1, you can visit the MTL website or email MTL@uis.edu .

Additionally, here is a link to Illinois Licensure Requirements, Endorsement, and Approval Requirements.

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