Kappa Delta Pi and IEA/SEA

Teacher Education KDP InvolExpo

(from left to right) Meredith Schweikle Byers, Dr. Ronda Mitchell, and Dr. Traci Van Prooyen

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi is one of the largest and most prestigious educational honor societies in the world, with over 600 chapters and more than 45,000 educators. Kappa Delta Pi is dedicated to scholarship and education and is pledged to recognize, develop, foster inquiry and reflection these ideals toward excellence in education.

The $60 yearly membership fee includes the following benefits of joining Kappa Delta Pi: professional development opportunities (webinars, conferences, discussion boards, and web resources with topics related to education, resources, and lesson planning); publications (for pre-service, beginning teachers, and/or practicing teachers); opportunities for scholarship; access to the Teacher Hotline (nationally recognized teachers answer questions quickly and confidentially); career and employment assistance (networking, job search, career re-sources, and an online career center); discounts on some products and services.

KDP is not only currently seeking members (applications are due Friday, November 22) but also there is a need for officers to serve in the UIS Alpha Alpha Gamma Chapter. Please contact Dr. Traci Van Prooyen at ( tvanp2@uis.edu ; 217-206-8532) with questions.


Illinois Education Association/Student Education Association (IEA/SEA) is a pre-professional organization dedicated to preparing students for careers in education. Students are members of IEA, representing over 133,000 teachers and other school employees. IEA student members attend more than 40 Illinois higher education institutions.

The $22 yearly membership fee includes the following benefits of joining IEA/SEA: dues rebate after graduation, professional publications, two annual state student conferences, mentoring program, employment assistance, professional development workshops, student scholarships, and liability insurance.

IEA/SEA is currently seeking members and officers. Please contact Dr. Ronda J. Mitchell (rmitche@uis.edu; 217-206-7008) with questions.

For more information, here is a link to their website.

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CEHS Prize Giveaway!

ENTER TO WIN OUR CEHS PRIZE GIVEAWAY! If you share this post on Facebook AND comment your name on the photo linked below, you will be entered to win one of our lovely prize gift baskets! The drawing will take place next week, good luck to you all!

Remember, share this post on Facebook AND comment on the photo linked below!


Smaller giveaway prize

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Esteemed Professors

Join us in congratulating professors Bogle, Day,  Swan, and Van Prooyen on their published scholarly works!

Swan, K., Day, S., Bogle, L., & Van Prooyen, T. (2014).  Pedagogical Approaches to MOOC’s. eMentor. Warsaw School of Economics, Center for Development of Distance and Permanent Education; Warsaw, Poland.

e-mentor EDL

Swan, K., Matthews, D., Day, S., and Bogle L.  (2014). “A Collaborative, Design-Based Approach to Improving an Online Program”. Internet in Higher Education.

Picciano, A., Seaman, J. & Day, S. (In Press). “Online Learning in Illinois High Schools: The Voices of Principals!,”. In Heafner, T., Petty, T., & Hartshorne, R. (Eds.), “Exploring the Effectiveness of Online Education in K-12 Environments”. IGI Global, Hershey, PA

K-12 Book

Exploring the Effectiveness of Online Education in K-12 Environments combines empirical evidence and best practices in current K-12 distance learning and virtual schools. Emphasizing current research and opportunities, this book is an all-inclusive reference source for administrators, teachers, researchers, teacher educators, and policymakers interested in the development and implementation of blended and electronic learning in primary and secondary education.


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Important Dates!

Here are some important dates to note:


08/25/2014- Fall Term begins  on August 25, 2014.

10/6/2014- The last day to file for Fall graduation is October 6th, 2014.

11/24/2014- 11/28/2014- Thanksgiving Holiday recess is November 24-28, 2014.

11/21/2014- The last day to change curriculum (program/major, minor, certificate) for fall semester is November 21st, 2014.

12/20/2014- Fall Term ends on December 20, 2014.

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Reading is Fun- A Post from the Dean

Dean Mi

Dr. Hanfu Mi

Dr. Hanfu Mi, Dean of the College of Education and Human Services, shares anecdotes about one of his favorite pastimes: reading. Dean Mi is passionate about reading, this is why you should be too!

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Esteemed Professors

Two of our Social Work professors, Dr. Kay McChesney and Dr. David Stoesz, have had their scholarly presentation proposals accepted respectively by the Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education. Dr. Kay McChesney is going to make one presentation, and Dr. David Stoesz will make two. The meeting will be held in October 2014.

Dr. Kay McChesney

Dr. Kay McChesney

Kay McChesney, “Developing, Teaching, and Assessing Outcomes of Diversity/Multicultural Content” accepted for presentation at the Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, October 2014.

Dr. David Stoesz

Dr. David Stoesz

David Stoesz, “The Dynamic Welfare State” and “Are Online Programs Compatible with Quality Social Work Education?” accepted for presentation at the Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, October 2014.

Congratulations, Dr. McChesney and Dr. Stoesz!

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Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

Hannah Cave

Hannah Cave is the winner of the vote to determine the new Student Representative to the Board of Trustees! Ms. Cave is a Teacher Education Program candidate, secondary in History and mentored by Dr. Brian Kahn. Before running for the position, Hannah released a statement outlining her skills and goals.

Ms. Cave’s full statement:

My name is Hannah Cave, and I am running to be your next Student Representative to the Board of Trustees. I am a Global Studies and Secondary Education student going into my senior year. In my time at UIS, I have had the opportunity to be involved with many student organizations, committees, service projects, and leadership roles on campus. These experiences have given me a greater understanding of how UIS works. I pride myself in the relationships I have developed with much of the student body, faculty members, and administrators in my time at UIS, and I work hard to maintain those relationships every day. These relationships are why I care deeply about the future of UIS. As Trustee, I will represent the student body to the best of my ability. 

As the Student Trustee, I will bring the concerns of the students to the Board of Trustees, ensuring all students’ voices are heard. I will work to address the issues our campus faces to achieve results. Student satisfaction and academic success is highly important to me, and as a future educator, I see no better place to start than by helping college students succeed. I will devote myself to focusing on the needs of our students. 

I want to encourage student success on campus, increase opportunities for student leadership, and further the connections between UIS and Springfield in order to give students a home away from home. I will work to create a strong sense of belonging for all students. I will create a committee to advise me on the issues important to the student body, so that I can communicate with students ensuring your concerns are addressed. I look forward to representing you as Student Trustee. Thank you for your support, and I hope to earn your vote!

Congratulations Hannah! We look forward to seeing her work with the Board of Trustees.

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Department of Human Services- Mindy Peterson-Lindsey

Mindy Peterson-Lindsey

This semester Mindy Peterson-Lindsey was chosen to be highlighted to showcase her path in the field of gerontology. She recounts what led her to the field, her favorite parts about the field, and her career goals. Take a look at her experience in the College of Education and Human Resources and see how it can work for you! Here is her full story.

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Debbie Culler

Deb Culler Small

Debbie Culler was our Office Support Specialist for the Human Development Counseling, Social Work, and Human Services departments for 30 years. Dr. Carolyn Peck, who has known Debbie for over ten years at the College of Education and Human Services had a few things to say about Debbie’s time here.

“What we’re losing with retirees is a knowledge bank of the institution. If there’s ever something we need Debbie just knows, she just knows it. I don’t know how you replace it, you can’t, she has so much information about our institution. In our department we have a lot of roles and responsibilities with meetings and such. What I like about Debbie is that I can go to her office and we can talk about cats-we like cats. Her cat’s name is Buster. I can go in there and say, ‘Debbie, tell me about Buster,’ and it gives us both a break to laugh and talk about kitties. After that I can say, ‘thanks Debbie!’ and go back to work. Her office is a great place to decompress and I appreciate and value that, I’m going to miss it.” -Dr. Carolyn Peck

We wish Debbie the best in her retirement and thank her for all of her hard work through the years!

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Department of Educational Leadership- Elizabeth Cook

 elizabeth cook edit

Elizabeth McGreal Cook is a 2013 graduate of the Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership program (MTL) in the Department of Educational Leadership. She currently serves as Associate Director of Annual Giving Programs at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Elizabeth recounted her most beneficial tips for navigating the MTL program as well as how her time in the MTL program has helped her to achieve her academic goals.

Elizabeth Cook 2

Click here to hear what she has to say about the Department of Educational Leadership!

Dr. Day Elizabth Cook

Dr. Day and Elizabeth Cook

(Photo credit: uis.edu)

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