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Tablets transforming college campuses

The iPad, the Galaxy, and many more—Tablets have officially become one of the most popular tech tools on the market. One of the best areas for using these useful tools? Higher education. Tablets are rapidly growing among students, and are proving themselves to be extremely effective in the context of education.

In fact,

  • 86% of tablet owners think their tablets help them study more efficiently
  • 76% believe tablets help students perform better in class

So exactly why is it that these tools are so effective in higher ed? Think about it—tablets give everything students need on the go! From textbooks in e-book form to apps to help with organizing and studying to their Blackboard courses at their fingertips complete with class notes and annotation tools, these devices are truly priceless in higher ed. There are always new, innovative ways to utilize these tools being presented, so be sure to follow us regularly because we love sharing these ideas!

With finals just ending, this infographic seems quite appropriate to share with you all! What are the study habits of the modern day student? From their beats to when they eat, check out the trends that students today are following!

So you have an iPad!? Now what?

With the holidays over, some of you may have found yourselves owners of a new iPad! Or some of you may be venturing out and renting some of the iPads here at UIS! So now that you own this exciting new tech tool, where do you begin?? Check out a few of our tips!

1.       Create an iTunes account: Prior to anything else, you’ll need to create an iTunes account. With an iTunes account, you can get the best apps, back up your information to iCloud, and access your apps across your other devices.

2.       Work easy with apps: Need to delete an app? Just hold down the app until it begins to move and an X appears in the corner. Simply tap the X and it will delete the app. To move the app, hold it down until it moves and then drag it to the location you want it to be. Want to categorize your apps? Hold down the app until it moves, again, and then drag it over another app you wish to group it with! (Apps are grouped by category like lifestyle, news, etc.)

3.       Know which apps to download: Apps are key to using the iPad…follow our google site (link) to check out some of the best apps for tons of purposes. We focus on free apps, too, so these will be sure to be essential to your iPad and easy on your pocket book!

4.       Know which add-ons to get: The iPad comes with tons of accessories—which can end up costing you more than the iPad itself! Some good advice when purchasing accessories is to do your research…some add-ons have multiple functions that may solve several of your needs (for example, the iPad camera connection kit allows users to connect their iPads to several USB devices.

The Best Kept Secrets of the iPad!

Shh! Don’t tell anyone but today we’re sharing some of the best kept secrets of the iPad. Let us know what you think, and if you have any secrets of your own!

  • View a PDF without an app: Connect your iPad to your computer and drag and dropping a PDF right onto the little iPad icon in iTunes, Choose to open a PDF from an Email attachment in “iBooks”, or access your PDF via iDisk, GoogleDocs, or Dropbox and then storing it in iBooks.
  • Find Text Anywhere on a Web Page: Did you ever noticed that when you type a search term in Safari, there is a little section at the bottom of the results box that says, “On This Page”? Clicking on this will actually not search out on the Internet but it will search the page for that specific word or phrase.
  • Capture Screenshots to your Photo Library: To take the perfect screen shot, simply hold down both the Home and Sleep button at the same time. The screen will appear as if it flashes and there will be an audible shutter noise. Now open up your Photo app and it will be there for you to edit or send via email, etc.
  • Scroll to the top of a web page quickly: tap one on the top of the screen near the status bar and the page will automatically scroll back to the top. This works in more apps than just the Safari app so give it a try in your favorite Twitter apps or news reader (RSS) apps.

Even More Ways to use iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the classroom are no longer a new thing—they have been established as valuable tools in the classroom, particularly in higher education. We love coming across new ways to use iPads in the classroom, and are sharing a few of the  best things we’ve come across lately!

1.       Dragon Dictation: Share this one with your students: with this app, speech is converted to editable text. Students can speak out loud practicing speeches, reciting definitions, or even recording lectures or discussion in class!

2.       Lights, Camera, Action! Did you know your iPad could double as a teleprompter? Go to and your iPad can double as a teleprompter—create newscasts, videos, and get your students comfortable with public speaking!

3.       Collaborate together on whiteboards: If each student in your class has their own iPad, they can each use it as a whiteboard and collaborate together. When one person writes something, everyone else can see it! Just download Whiteboard Free and start today. This can be a great tool for discussions, to make all students accountable for being involved and sharing with their classmates!

4.       Ease Class Communication: Traffic Light, an app, is a great way for students to share how comfortable they are with a particular topic. This is a great way for you to better read the class and know whether or not it’s time to move forward.

5.       Be the master of the blog—and get your students involved! Create your free WordPress blog, then download the app to the iPads. Students can upload their work (text, images, movies) to a new blog page, and the instructor can decide what is going to be published on the blog!