Posting from the Shanghai Airport – Terminal 1 Gate D232

Hey everyone! Currently I am waiting at my gate in the Shanghai airport for my plane to Montreal! From there we have a short layover and then fly to Chicago (and then another approx. 4-5 hour car drive to my actual house…).

Shanghai has been lovely, with my favorite part being an acrobatics show we saw last night. And my favorite part of that, of course, was watching multiple people on motorcycles ride around in a giant metal death sphere. Not really your conventional acrobatics, but I enjoyed it the most of all!

This morning’s planned museum visit was a bust. By the time we had made it through the massive line to even enter the museum we pretty much would have had to leave to head to the airport. That was OK with me, though, because while we were standing in line the small boy behind me kept sneezing at full speed right on my backside…

These past nearly two months now in Asia have been incredible; I have learned so much and I would never trade this experience for the world! I am however VERY excited to be back home and see my family, friends, and dog again (and also the new refrigerator that my parents FINALLY got installed!) Courtney, if you are reading this, tell the kiddos that I got them all presents and I want to see them ASAP!

Love from Shanghai! I hope to see everyone who has been so supportive of me all summer very soon! <3

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