Closing Ceremony

On our last day at the Wanxiang University, we spent our time together in classes during the day and celebrating at night. In the afternoon we gathered around to plant a tree from all three universities of Illinois. It was definitely a moment that represented togetherness as we all took turns shoveling dirt onto the roots. Later than night our closing ceremony was filled with laughter and tears. We all sat at round tables in a banquet hall, on the second floor of our hotel. One of the Chinese student ambassadors, Mumu put together a video clip of our time here at Wanxiang University. The video was so sweet and made me tear up at the memories I have made here. We played a few games and put on performances for the students. In our Chinese language class we were taught a song that we sang in front of everyone for the closing ceremony. I will truly miss all the friend I’ve made at the University and hope to keep in touch with them after I return to the states.

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