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Campus network issues

Our secondary core network switch has failed.  This breaks our network redundancy.  Scott has a ticket open with Cisco to get this resolved.  The only service which is disrupted is the building HVAC system which cannot talk to the server.

Eduroam wireless network changes

As part of an effort to clean up and secure our wireless networks we are changing the IP address range of Eduroam. This will not have an impact on users as there is usually no one connected to eduroam. We plan to make similar changes to the Guest and Preauth networks in the future.

Network Maintenance

Tomorrow during the maintenance window we are going to enable the 10-gig interfaces on the network cores. This may cause a brief disruption of network traffic.

We are also updating the config on the Citrix Netscaler to prepare it for additional load balanced services. There may be a brief disruption as we change the system’s default gateway.


Voice Trunk Failure

UPDATE: 07-Jul 19, 2012 @ 18:15
We have implemented a temporary work-around while Cisco and AT&T technicians get their act together. The work-around results in all inbound and outbound calls working normally, including calls to 911. However, our total simultaneous call capacity is about 50% of normal. That should hold us through till tomorrow morning when we hope that the outside technical support people can work together on this.

UPDATE: 07-Jul 19, 2012 @ 12:00
Kevin and Jamie continue to work with AT&T support as well as Cisco support to get the issues resolved. We think we’re getting closer, but no new ETAs at this point.


UPDATE: 07-Jul 18, 2012 @ 16:00
Cisco technical support people have just completed their review of the configuration and log output of the new equipment and have told us that everything looks normal. Their recommendation to us is to contact the telco (AT&T) and ensure that their line settings match our switch settings. It is important to note that due to the extreme age of the failed system, the same configuration cannot be copied directly over to the replacement switches as the new hardware is more advanced and not fully backwards compatible with the very old version we have been using.

Calls to 911 are also affected by this issue. Outbound calls to 911 do ring the Sangamon County dispatch, but voice is not present. Other information embedded in the call does let them know the location the call came from, and the dispatch center will contact the campus police department for any calls they receive with this information. Campus police are also aware of the issue.

We are working on contacting AT&T technical support now.

Last night one of our old Cisco 6503 voice trunks failed. This cut down on the number of calls we can place in or out. We already have the new hardware in place, I am finishing up moving the voice trunks over. The ticket office is also experiencing strange issues.


(Jul 18, 2012 @ 10:00)

Eduroam Connectivity

Update: June 26, 2012

We have not yet been able to get the new ACS authentication server to accept credentials from eduroam users as we need. Scott is actively working with Cisco to isolate and resolve the issue. Until then, access to wireless via the eduroam network may experience periods of intermittent functionality as different technical fixes are attempted.

We are setting up the new ACS server. Some services such as eduroam may experience limited connectivity while we are testing services.