Monthly Archives: July 2013

Network Upgrade

The new chassis located in UHB is installed, upgraded and working.  The second WISM is being configured currently.

All of the Cisco AP units on campus are now talking to the new controller WISM2

Thanks for your patience.


Jamie, Scott and Kevin.


Network Update

The new Wireless Blade, WISM2, is working and controlling the AP units on campus.


Next step is to replace the Chassis in UHB.

                IP phone issue which occurred this morning may occur again this afternoon.


Thanks for your patience.


Jamie, Scott and Kevin.


Network upgrade

The new chassis is installed and working in HSB.  A few minor issues were noted and will be investigated. 

The WISM2 blade is up and talking to the 52 AP units that had dropped of the WISM1 controllers.   Kevin and Scott are now configuring the templates so these APS will function properly and allow users to connect.

Once that is completed we will move to HSB and replace the chassis there.



Jamie Voyles

HSB 119

217 206-7840


Network Switch and Wireless Upgrade – July 5, 2013

ITS will be installing new hardware on Friday, July 5 in an effort to provide more reliable and faster network service to the campus.

There should be no impact while this is happening. However, if you experience any issues connecting to a UIS service or application, please contact the Technology Support Center at 206-6000 or  If you experience issues with wireless connectivity, please wait 15 minutes and try again. If the problems persist, please contact the Technology Support Center.

Off Campus IMAP & SMTP

There is an issue with SMTP relaying from off campus clients. This should only affect users that user IMAP (or similar) mail clients that need a SMTP server to relay through.

As this issue affects only a small amount of people, we don’t plan to address it until we get the new Barracuda devices put in next week.

For now, off campus users will need to relay their mail through their ISP, or connect using the VPN.

This issue will not affect a vast majority of our users who are using Outlook/Exchange based mail clients. They will continue to work as always.


Freshman Orientation 6-27 & 28

Freshman orientation occurred on the two days noted above. I would like to thank a few people for their help during this major event.

Ian for his tireless effort in trying to decipher and organize all the equipment request.

Megan, Amika, James L., and Kevin F. for their help with the setups and tear downs on 6-27.

Erik, and James S. for solving the printer dilemma. Now the 3-5 more times they will need it won’t be so bad when it comes to setting up the printer and laptops.

Kelsey, Colin, and Kevin F. for their help picking up the 50 laptops that were spread all over PAC 1st Floor on 6-28.

Thanks again Everyone, this event would not have been a success without your help!!!